Registered Sex Offenders

Pursuant to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 589, the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department maintains a list of offenders residing in Crawford County who are required to register under Section 589.400 RSMO.  A list of offenders is being offered on this web site as a public service to the citizens of Crawford County for the protection and well-being of their families.

This list contains the names of registered offenders who reside in Crawford County Only.

The information on this web page refers only to persons who have been convicted of, found guilty of, or plead guilty to committing or attempting to commit sexual offenses and may not reflect the entire criminal history of a particular individual.  Offenders required to register for crimes of child abuse or other offenses may not be listed on this web page.

Although every effort is made to keep this list current and accurate, and random verifications of addresses given by offenders are conducted, the Sheriff cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. Offenders may have moved and failed to notify the Sheriff as required by law. If you believe any information listed here is inaccurate, please contact Nichole Orick  at  573-775-2125 Ext. 103 , or you can email us at

Anyone who uses the information contained on this  list to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution.

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