July 4, 2017

Finding a Trusted Bail Bondsman in Bakersfield

bail sign

A trustworthy and reliable bail bond expert is all you need to show your loved ones you care about their welfare. At Bail Bonds Bakersfield, we know the value of freedom and only wish to serve you at the quickest possible time.

A bail bond agency’s job is not to assess your personality or pass judgment on you as to why you’re in jail. Their job is to assess your situation and find the best means to get you out of police custody at the shortest possible time.


Why trust a bail bond agency?

Bail bond agents are trained and licensed experts in their field so you can be assured they know what they are doing. Their years of experience make doing the job easier, no matter what trouble you’re in.

Bail bond agents are knowledgeable with how the jail and court system works, so you’re assured of a speedy process. They would also keep you updated on the progress of the bail until they get your loved one released.

When you call a bail bond agency, you can be assured of helpful and friendly answers to all your bail bond questions. They would also provide information on the step by step process of posting bail.

People working in bail bond companies help get you out from the stressful situation you’re in. They know you’ve come to them for help, so help is what you’ll get.

What’s more, you do not have to spend a fortune to pay for their services. They only require a minimal fee for bailing out your loved one from jail. This would be about 10% of the person’s bail, with no hidden costs.

When you call or meet with a bail bond agent, be ready to provide:

  1. The full name of the individual (sometimes even the date of birth);
  2. The county and state where the arrest took place;
  3. The individual’s booking number; and,
  4. The amount of bail.

If you do not have some of the information, they can search numerous databases to get it for you.

Getting arrested and the need to post bail is truly an unexpected expense and could drain your finances. This is the very reason why bail bond companies are there to help.

After gathering all information regarding the arrested person, a bail bond agent sits with you to talk about your capability to pay the minimum amount of 10% of the bail. If you cannot readily produce the money, they could give you easy and flexible payment options for settling the amount. The bail bond agency then pays the remaining balance of your bail to the court.

The bail payment doesn’t mean you are already free of any liability. The bail bond company will explain to the arrested individual his obligations to the court and the agency. The most important thing in this obligation is not to flee and to attend court hearings.

So the moment you or your loved one gets arrested, you need to call a bail bond agent as soon as possible to minimize the time you spend in jail.